Filter the market with AI

Sennet is a recommendation system that uses your investment history to help you find your next investment.


precision in the results


recommendations generated

We know crypto is confusing

That's why we've built an algorithm that helps you analyze the market.
To make crypto investing easier for everyone.


Stay notified

Find interesting cryptocurrencies to analyze based on your latest trades.

Avoid the noise

Avoid the noise in the market and focus on the most interesting cryptocurrencies.

Save time

Save time analyzing the market with an AI algorithm that works 24/7 for you.

Select your trades

Filter your trades and select which ones you want to use to generate your investor profile.


Top 3 cryptocurrencies of the day to start your market analysis.


Live cryptocurrency recommendations for your market analysis. Updated every 15 minutes.

Over 1,000 cryptocurrencies available

How it works

Start using Sennet in just 3 steps.

Import your trade history

Import your trade history from a CSV file or connect to your exchange in just a few clicks.

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Generate your investor profile

Our algorithm generates your investor profile from patterns in your investments.

How our algorithm works

Get recommendations

Discover interesting cryptocurrencies to analyze with real-time alerts adapted to you.

How our algorithm works

Our algorithm compares hundreds of events occurring in the market during each trade you've made and looks for patterns. The pattern found will be your investor profile.


All your data is stored encrypted and we only request read permissions on your exchange to keep your funds safe.


Your data will never be shared or sold to third parties. You can sync your exchange data without us storing your keys.