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Sennet is a recommendation system that allows you to discover new market opportunities at scale, while maintaining your personal touch.

How it works


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"Sennet helps me make the most of my time when analyzing the market."
John - retail investor
"With Sennet, I can focus directly on the most interesting projects of the day."
David - retail investor

We know crypto is confusing

The market is constantly moving, making it difficult for the retail investor to keep up with all the updates.
That is why we have created an algorithm to help you analyze the market.


Stay notified

Find the best opportunities to analyze based on your latest operations.

Avoid the noise

Eliminate the noise of the market and make rational decisions.

Save time

Save time by analyzing the market with an algorithm that works 24h a day.

An integrated platform

Daily recommendations

Top 3 projects of the day to start your market analysis.

Live recommendations

Live project recommendations to analyze. Updated every 15 minutes.

Included features

Unlimited recommendations

Unlimited recommendations both in the free trial and with subscription.


Select your preferred time interval, get short, medium and long term recommendations.


Filter recommendations based on how close they are to your investor profile.

Open with TradingView

Connected with TradingView so you can continue with the analysis of your recommendations.

Save recommendations

Save recommendations easily and continue with your analysis in the future.

Customize your results

Add or remove projects to customize the recommendations you receive.


Evaluate the recommendations and help our algorithm to give you better results.

Email alerts

Receive an email notification each time a new recommendation is created.

Available markets


More than 1,000 cryptocurrencies available



How it works

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Import your trade history

Import your trade history from a CSV file or connect to your exchange in just a few clicks.

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Generate your investor profile

Our algorithm generates your investor profile from patterns in your investments.

How our algorithm works

Get recommendations

Discover interesting cryptocurrencies to analyze based on your trading history.

How our algorithm works

Our algorithm compares hundreds of events occurring in the market during each trade you've made and looks for patterns. The pattern found will be your investor profile.


All your data is stored encrypted and we only request read permissions on your exchange to keep your funds safe.


Your data will never be shared or sold to third parties. You can sync your exchange data without us storing your keys.