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We want to ensure your experience using Sennet is excellent. We've listed some frequently asked questions further down this page.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Eventio?

Eventio is a platform of real-time alerts for market events. Eventio enables you to leverage real-time data and advanced alerting to power your apps, make crypto trading decisions based on the specific data that matters to you, add real-time event driven logic into your workflows, and more.

What exchanges are supported?

Currently only Binance is supported, we are working on adding support for other exchanges.

How do I get an invoice?

Our payment processor Stripe sends an invoice to you via email automatically upon each payment. You can also view all your invoices from your profile page.

Do you have a free plan?

We don't have a free plan unfortunately. Sennet is independent and funded solely by the fees that our subscribers pay us. Thanks for understanding!